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Veranda Season 2012 open & Great Tits

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

It is just a lovely thing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon; putting the sofa, chairs and table on the veranda and be able to *really* enjoy the sun! Yessss, Veranda Season 2012 is now officially open, may it be a long and warm season! 😉




Another seasonal thing; I saw some birds finding their way to the bird nests / bird houses at the side of the house today, such a nice thing! And these were not just ‘some’ birds…no, no, no, these are the ‘Parus major’ (in Latin) or ‘Koolmees’ (in dutch)…in other words; the ‘Great Tit’ found its way home!

Awesome name for a bird btw.! 🙂