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Song of the Day: I Follow Rivers

Monday, March 12th, 2012

I already loved the original version of ‘I Follow Rivers‘ as recorded by Lykke Li (YouTube clip here), but what the Belgian band Triggerfinger did with it is truly amazing: SO fragile, SO honest and SO vulnerable.

There are many ways to interpret the song (find some interesting viewpoints in the comments of the song lyrics here), I suggest you listen and decide for yourself: “what is it that this song tells and means to ME!”

A pure love song as well as a song about life…symbolic for life as you (choose to) live it: you are wading through the river of life, water flowing around you, you feel the current and you realize: it is MY choice to go with or fight against it. You might want to go somewhere else than where the river intends to take you, hold on to a branch perhaps, avoid to change your safe environment, yet you feel the water moving around you, whispering what your direction is, though there are various currents that bring you exactly were you need to be, it is your choice…the awareness that it doesn’t really matter in the end, as you will end up in the same sea anyway, and at the same time; you know that you are in the river to experience it to the fullest, the experience of *your* river-flow and choice of current defines and gives meaning to your life…and in this life, you will go through it, follow the river all the way to the sea, the sea which is filled with love.

Enjoy life…peace…LOVE!