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Birkebeinerrittet 2009

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Last Thursday the registration for the Birkebeinerrittet 2009, scheduled on Saturday August 29, started. Thousands of people were sitting behind their pc at exactly 09:00h and at 09:01,06 all 16,500 available places were taken!! OK, OK, some thousands were reserved and filled already for those who competed more than five time, but still, it *is* just 66 seconds…unbelievable! Despite my 25Mbps internetfeed, I wasn’t able to get in fast enough and as of now I ain’t in it… 🙁 yet I should say, since I do have another way in; as ‘foreigner’ by using by dutch address, hehe, good that I still have a house in NL. 😉