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One year ago – a big loss

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

It has been a tough day; I try not to hang into the past, but the the death of my cousin Marcel, today one year ago, has left a big gap…has it really been one year already?

Most of the practical things are taken care of by now, his house finally got sold some weeks ago and will be handed later this month, hopefully this will give my aunt some more closure…yet questions remain, some answers came from a letter he left behind, but still…

He lives on by our memories about him, I just read back what I wrote last year on the day of his funeral:

“He must have had his reasons, reasons that no one, probably not even he, could comprehend. Reasons that exceed the human brain and heart in which he must have felt so trapped. No one really could get through, and he could not get out…

I hope he now found what he has been searching for for so long, his peace…it’s up to us to find ours…Marcel, you’re in my heart, I love you!”