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Quite some moment 5 years ago

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Hehe, I *am* looking back in time these days; yesterday a sad moment to remember, and today exactly five years ago there was quite a highlight, especially in that period: I ‘met’ Adam Curry in a traffic jam on the dutch A4 highway, he was recording his Daily Source Code podcast in his ‘Audi A8 – studio’, while I was listening to an earlier episode on my brand new iPod!

It became a historic podcasting moment (a true ‘god’cast as Dave Winer once called it!) and it gave Adam unexpected feedback that he was on to something big (podcasting has gone mainstream shortly after). Listen to the ‘famous’ clip yourself (at the 26 seconds mark), it still gives me a boost of energy, yay! 😉

PS. the Daily Source Code hasn’t been ‘daily’ for a LONGGGG time…Adam, are you ever gonna fire this baby up again??