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New Apple ‘Get a Mac’ ads target Windows 7

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Apple posted three new ‘Get a Mac‘ advertisements specifically targeting Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 7, which was released last Thursday.

I must admit, I do feel a bit sorry for Microsoft (a tinytiny bit ;)) since I believe Win7 is their best OS so far. Then again; it *is* pretty much old-school when you have to *manually* move your files from one computer to another if you’re upgrading from WinXP (like the majority of people will). Apple’s upgrade experience has been pretty much seamless since Mac OS X Tiger, released in 2005!

As always, the ads are right on and funny.

Check ‘m out! (the originals are here, here and here)

#1 is called ‘Broken Promises’:

#2 is called ‘Teeter Tottering’:

#3 is called PC News’: