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Dutch No Agenda meeting – In The Morning!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 “The Dutch No Agenda meeting will be an evening with N/A fans which will be held in Amsterdam(Holland). The purpose of this meeting is to unite N/A fans from all around the globe in an evening where we discuss the topics where the show is all about.”

No Agenda is a podcast by Adam Curry (Crackpot) and John C. Dvorak (Buzzkill) who provide the (real) ‘news behind the news’ to a loyal base of (executive) producers/listeners/followers. It is live streamed twice a week and the 233 episodes so far have enlightened many, helping people in their awakening.

Guess what, the meeting takes place tomorrow evening (does that qualify for an ‘In The Morning’ on this Thursday? 😉 ), so that’s Friday 10 September in cafe De Heffer, Amsterdam from 20:00h, be there!!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it due to other priorities (a typical case of ‘so close and yet so far away’ since I *am* in NL!)…double pity since Adam flew in from the USA especially for this meeting, it would have been a great opportunity to meet him again, after we ‘met’ in a traffic jam on the dutch A4 highway almost 6 years ago.