Mayday, storm heading for Pohoda!

Yay, the first full Pohoda day has just started! With just a tiny ‘day after the night before’ feeling 😉 , yet charged with energy from a splendid first festival night we are ready for a great festival day! The sun is shining but the temperature is very doable due to some wind. That wind might give some problems later though, it is increasing every minute and the organization is already taking precautions to avoid a situation like two years ago…now that I think of it, the situation is actually pretty similar; we are laying in the grass, listening to classical music performed by the Janáčkova Filharmonie Ostrava orchestra with the storm expected between 14:00-17:00…uhhh, deja-vu?!?
The organization just informed us that it shouldn’t be too bad (a typical summer storm, fingers crossed!) and since there is nothing we can do to change the weather anyway, we’d better enjoy Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’! 😉