Phoney KONY 2012…a SCAM!

A pretty controversial title for this blogpost, but I felt it needed to be like this. In the past days I have seen the KONY 2012 video shared on Facebook by of my FB friends, most of them probably watched the video and shared it, without hesitation or any fact-checking…the clip is going viral with as of today, over 67 MILLION views on YouTube (I wonder if all those people really watch the full 30 minutes…).

Don’t take me wrong, I do support the core cause; anyone, and in this case Joseph Kony, who is capturing children and turn them into weapons for war, has to be found, captured and be held responsible for crimes committed.

I however do NOT believe that the KONY 2012 ‘movement’ is set up for all the right reasons and I would encourage everyone to find the message behind what that is really being put out by the media (heavily supported by Facebook).

A perfect start for this would be the following YouTube clip, which is an audio recording of last Thursday’s No Agenda podcast #389 with my good friend Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak (hero’s in deconstructing the REAL news behind the news! 😉 )

Honestly, if you used 30 minutes on the KONY 2012 video, you need to take another 20 minutes for this one, it is worth it!



For more supporting information and links, the ones shown in the video, go to the No Agenda #389 show notes, click on ‘Shownotes’ at the top and scroll down to KONY.

All in all, it turns out that the real reason why this cause is getting the attention of so many, is OIL (ain’t it always the oil!).

The oil found in Uganda in the recent years makes it viable for the U.S. to fulfill a long-held wish of establishing presence in Africa (AFRICOM, the U.S. Africa Military Command). Uganda, and Joseph Kony, provides the perfect opportunity (also check out this report). Does anyone see the resemblance with Hussein/Iraq and Gaddafi/Libya??

Interestingly enough, Joseph Kony is presumably not even *in* Uganda anymore, as he is supposed to be hiding in D.R. Congo.

Oh, and as for the Invisible Children Inc. organization: if you love numbers, check their 2011 tax form and follow where the money comes from and goes to…

Lastly, I sincerely hope that Joseph Kony (if he is alive still, no one has heard or seen him for many years) will be found and prosecuted.


PS. Who came up with the idea to have the ‘KONY 2012 Day’ on April 20 (=4/20…420, IN your face, wtf!)