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Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

The word of 2007 is……Bacn!

Bacn is pronounced as ‘bacon’, spelled in a fashionable web 2.0 style, so without the ‘o’. 🙂

It is used for ’email you want, but not right now’.

In other words, the kind of in between emails you receive and want to follow up on, but you don’t have the time right away to do so…newsletters, Facebook notifications, new followers on twitter, product announcement, etc…from now on you can Bacn these emails!

Some practical examples in everyday usage:

"All this bacn is driving me nuts!"

"Sorry hun, I’ll be home late today…too much bacn to sort out."

"Hmm, it seems your email got lost in all the bacn."

"I got my spamfilter and bacnfilter installed today!"

"Dude, stop bacning me!"

"I’m on track with my bacn, life’s great!"

It has the potential of becoming as widely known as the word ‘spam‘ if you ask me…especially since everyone nowadays seems to be affected by bacn.