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Twitter updates

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Anyone missing out on my Twitter updates while travelling to Norway, check ‘m out here, or below for this one time 🙂

09:19 AM July 27, 2007
Packing the car, too much shit as usual…wow, am almost gone!!

06:58 PM July 27, 2007
Am on da way to…Norway! Stopover in Winterberg, Germany for a family-weekend. Oh, no suprise…the car is fullFULLfull 🙂

01:53 PM July 28, 2007
Hiking through the woods around Winterberg…weather is rainy, refreshing in a way…I *love* nature!

03:45 PM July 29, 2007
Rainy Sunday in Germany…decided to go bowling, sjeez, that’s AGES ago…stiii-rike!!

09:33 AM July 30, 2007
Just left Winterberg, am on da road to a new future…life’s amazing, life is grand!

07:16 PM July 30, 2007
Just crossed the sea between Germany and Denmark. Hmm, this means I’m in scandinavia baby yay…feels like home already!

09:59 PM July 30, 2007
On da road for 12 hours (!!), just entered Sweden. Time to find a hotel for the night and get some sleep!

12:45 AM July 31, 2007
Found a hotel in Gotenburg, just 3.5h from Oslo…almost there, but first: zzzzzz

09:23 AM July 31, 2007
In the car again after a good nights sleep, 3.5h to go…Oslo here I come!

10:23 AM July 31, 2007
Half of the cars I pass are dutch…all friends fleeing the lowlands 🙂

11:25 AM July 31, 2007
Am in Norway baby yeah! There was no one at the border to check the car, a pleasant surprise! Almost there…

01:24 PM July 31, 2007
Home sweet home…I arrived in Hagan! Great timing as usual; the house broker also just came…let’s do some handover!

08:19 AM August 01, 2007
First night in the house…slept like a baby! On my way 2 work, actually looking forward 2 it! Think that’s a good sign.

Arrived in Norway

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

Everything’s fine in Norway, have had the first night in the new house and just finished the first day at work after the July ‘vacation’…so far so good, except for internet at home…as it seems now I will be probaby without it for the coming uhhh…weeks…aaahhhhh! Also didn’t find any open wifi accesspoint in the neighborhood, darn! 🙁

I guess I’ll be working long hours to get my daily internet juice…or else I’m stuck driving around to find some open wifi.