Twitter Updates for 2008-07-18

  • Good morning Pohoda!! It’s great to wake up expecting rain and then realize it’s hot and sunny ;)…sweating in the tent, time to get up! 😉 #
  • And the bands started to play…sun is shining, beer is tasting great; let the festival begin!;) The Subways are rockin’ the stage now, yay! #
  • Oh shit, there are rain clouds coming…we’re gonna keep the spirit high, let the sun shine!! #
  • It drizzled for 5 seconds and then the sun came back, not too bad! On stage; Jana Kirschner, a Slovak artist. #
  • Just saw Gossip…man, that’s a BIG girl, and she’s proud of it! Great show! #
  • Gocoo, a Japanese drumband *with* a didgeridoo…BRILLIANT!! #