Finally, in my hands!

It took a little over four months, but YESSSS, I have my driver’s license back in my possession!

As I mentioned last week, the license was still in Norway even after I got back my right to drive…I actually should already have it in NL by then: I made all the arrangements with the police, my friend Katka would pick it up at the police station and bring it to NL for me, I arranged a ‘power of attorney’ signed by the dutch community to authorize her, send the police an email one day before to re-confirm the previously made arrangement and then, when she was at the police station…the friggin’ policeman told her that he was o-so surprised for her to show up, since he mailed the driver’s license to my home address the day before!!! Oof, that really was the last trick they could pull on me in being non-cooperative, pffffff!!!

Anyway, I drove my first miles last week, as well as the big trip back to Norway, without the license in my hands (luckily without being stopped by the police!) and I picked up the license at the post office this morning…me happy, and I can finally put an end to this story!! 😉