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Words You Don’t Know for Beautiful

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

I love beauty…beauty in people, beauty in nature, beauty in things, beauty in experiences. I truly believe that there is something beautiful in everything around us, as long as you open yourself to look for it and allow yourself to find it.

As words do matter, I was pleased to read more about words for ‘beautiful’ on the Words You Don’t Know blog. Yesterdays blogpost is titled ‘10 Beautiful Words You Don’t Know‘ and besides a long list of ‘known’ words that mean or imply “beautiful”, there are ten more obscure words listed that also relate to beauty:

1. Orchidaceous

2. Amaranthine

3. Kalopsia

4. Colposinquanonia

5. Kalokagathia

6. Euonym

7. Callipygous

8. Calligyniaphobia

9. Callomania

10. Callisteia

…did *you* know them?? 😉 Read all about them in the blogpost.