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Foursquare vs. Facebook Places

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Some months ago Facebook changed their RSS-feeds so that I couldn’t use my Facebook Status to ‘disclose’ where I was enjoying my life on this globe. Shortly after I decided to sign up for Foursquare, a location based Social Network (and game) which gave me the alternative to the long gone Facebook Status feed. I’ve been test-driving Foursquare for some time (and becoming ‘mayor’ of my home and work in the proces 😉 ), and today I put the 4sq RSS-feed on my blog-sidebar. At the very same moment I read that Facebook is moving into the Foursquare-space by adding the ‘Places’ feature, which allows you to do about the same as Foursquare; show your friends where you are…ha!

For the moment 4sq wins over FB, since the Places feature is not yet available outside the US, but one can just guess what happens when this feature is available for all; tough times coming up for the Foursquare team, size does matter and the 500+ million FB users will crush Foursquare (at least, *if* Facebook gets their implementation and privacy policies right…not sure if that ever happens though 😉 ).