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DSC: the Dropbox music request show!

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Adam Curry is ‘reinventing the art of radio’ with his Daily Source Code and No Agenda podcasts (the latter one is especially interesting since he and John C. Dvorak are living of of user donations/sponsorships).

Unlike No Agenda which is solely talk-‘radio’ (with some jingles here and there 😉 ), music has always played a big role in the the Daily Source Code, just think back about the good old days of Jan Polet’s HitTest, drum cadences and brilliant mash-ups.

Lately Adam is exploring new ways of listener interaction by using a shared Dropbox (if you ‘still’ haven’t heard of Dropbox, go and sign up, it’s awesome!). The DSC & Dropbox concept means that you put the music you would like to be played on the Daily Source Code in a folder in your Dropbox-account, you share that folder with Adam (name it appropriately <name> + <location>) and after he accepts the sharing invite, I guarantee you that you will experience a whole new way of your former favorite ‘radio request show’!

It is absolutely fantastic to listen to the DSC-livestream, or later-on to the downloaded podcast and hear ‘your’ song being played!! I have put 25 songs in a shared Dropbox and 6 of them have been played so far…ha, and if you’re lucky you even get a nice ‘thank you’ as happened to me in DSC-850!! It’s around 1h33m40s into the show, directly after Adam played my requested Queens of the Stone Age – Song for the Dead (so be warned for guitar riffs that make your ears bleed! 😉 )…I listened to that segment while I was driving back home last week…it gave me a BOOST of ENERGY, YAY! 😉