It’s soooo good to be back in Norway

Driving in Norwegian winter conditions is VERY different from the sunny Costa Rica experience in the Toyata RAV4 4WD…I don’t really miss the holes in the road, but other than that I’d rather drive in 30C and blue skies conditions than standing in a long queue, in -15C on slippery snowy/icy roads! 😉

Not to mention the Oslo ring speedlimit that kicked in on November 1, every year the same shit; a 60kph speedlimit due to a ‘miljøfartsgrense’…you really think we are saving the environment with this shit?!? Jeez, I wanna drive faasssttttt, drifting the bimmer on those icy roads, yeah baby yeahhhh! 😉

Oh well, until March 30 2011 I will have to behave, I guess…uhhh! 😉